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Blog move

I’ve moved this blog to a locally hosted version on my site. You can now find it at Go there for all new posts including some exciting news about the Hex trilogy! Advertisements

Things I read on the internet

The Guardian asked writers for their ten rules for writing (part one and part two available here). I like lots of bit and pieces of advice and might take one rule from each author. But overall I liked this advice the best: Ian Rankin 1 Read lots. 2 Write lots. 3 Learn to be self-critical. […]

A penny for your thoughts

A friend linked me to the discussion that’s been going on in writerly circles about donation buttons, direct selling to your readers and whether it’s possible to make money from online publication. Here are the posts I’ve been reading: Steven Brust on begging for alms Bill Ward on patronage and an online audience Cory Doctorow […]

Blogging Sisterhood Award

I have been given a Blogging Sisterhood Award by Scribble City Central. Lucy Coats writes: “Rhiannon has directed me to all sorts of wonderful places I never would have discovered without her. And she really (no, I mean REALLY) knows her stuff on the book front. A goldmine of interesting information. At least it is […]

What was that book?

A while ago I used to run a ‘what was that book’ forum on the fan forum section of my website. I stopped running the forum but in the last couple of years I’ve been a member of a website called which does the same thing. The idea is that people post their missing […]