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I’m sorry it’s been a while since I last updated, I’ve been busy with life and work, but I know that’s not a real excuse. I do think about things to post on this blog and then forget to post them. I’ll try and turn over a new leaf. Meanwhile here’s a video I found […]

One of the twitterati

I am now on Twitter! You can find me by going to the Twitter site here: Follow me and I shall drop all sorts of bird crumbs for you… Although with the character limit they will be crumbs, not loaves of wisdom.

There’s no place like… an SF universe

Last night at the Clarke award a nice young woman with a video camera asked me the following question: If you could live in any science fiction universe which one would you choose? Immediately my head was filled with places I definitely do NOT want to live such as Peter F. Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn universe. […]

10 current SF authors

It’s been a while since I listed ten science fiction titles. Those are still valid but I thought I’d add to them by listing ten current SF authors (people writing good work right now) who I’d recommend. Greg Egan, author of Permutation City, Schild’s Ladder and Quarantine and other titles Mary Gentle, author of Golden […]

Manchester Book Award: longlisting

Bad Blood has been longlisted for the 2009 Manchester Book Awards. The shortlist will be decided by the young people of Manchester in November and there will be an award ceremony at the City of Manchester Stadium, Wed March 11, 2009, for the shortlisted authors.


Last week my beautiful silver tabby cat Ghost was killed by a car. I had her for nine years and it’s still difficult to believe she’s gone. She will be very much missed. My black cat Shadow, Ghost’s sister, is still with me and we are comforting each other. Anyone who has ever been owned […]

Happy new year

Happy new year to everyone. I spent Christmas mostly with family and most of that time eating. Mmm, Christmas food. My mother makes the most fantastic hazelnut roast for us veggies and it wouldn’t be Christmas without it. This year I plan to submit another contemporary novel, another horror novel and my first adult novel. […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Years seem to go by faster as you get older and come February 2007 I will be passing the Rubicon of 30. But first there is Christmas and I must do all those Christmassy things like making lists, buying presents, putting up the decorations and planning parties. I have less time than usual this year […]

It’s alive!

It works, it works! Even in IE. Amazin’. I’ve got so used to the idea that this cranky old web browser will break every site it touches it’s amazing to discover that it’s actually worked, despite the css code tweaking I had to do. Okay, time for some actual bone fide news. On the 25th […]

*blink* Was that a year going by?

Err, yes. So this blog has become rather defunct. So defunct that I’d forgotten its very existence. But it has now been revived and brought into line with the current style. I’ve spent the last few hours tweaking the css to try to work around some issues with the sidebar. Left and right floats […]