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2010: welcome to the future

Happy new year to everyone! This post is 19 days late because I began the new year with a stinking cold and I didn’t even go out and play in the snow which has been 8 inches deep or more across Oxford. Here’s a view of my garden from my window. I only went out […]

Red-headed Rhi

Rhi with red hair I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago and have now finally completed the second-half of the process. Here’s a picture that should show the detail of the cut and colour. It’s multiple layers, with a base colour of auburn red and some streaks of vibrant red and copper […]

Disaster has struck

I have damaged my MacBook (as yet I’m not sure how badly/expensively). I have lost data (9 days worth – don’t know yet if it’s recoverable). I have lost access to my normal file structures. My email is a mess. Um. If you want to connect with me electronically, you may be out of luck. […]